Cosmetic expertise


Publié le : 27 July 2021

NATUROCHIM’s line of waxes is growing with a newcomer: NAT SUNFLOWER WAX.

It is obtained from sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) seed oil and has many benefits:

  • High melting point: 70 – 84 °C
  • Excellent oil gelling properties with a large range of oils (study run by NATUROCHIM – results available on request)
  • Lowers syneresis
  • Improves strength of sticks
  • Reduces the greasiness of oils
  • Raw material conformed to COSMOS standard

See how it behaves in our new waterless formulas:

  • NOURISHING SUNBLOCK STICK: waterless sunblock stick formula, melting effect, no white traces, non-sticky, protects the skin from the sun while nourishing it
  • HAND NOURISHING DOME: nourishing waterless hand formula , high emollient content without greasy feel, natural toasted-hazelnut fragrance