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NATUROCHIM was founded in 2004 in order to meet the raw material needs of end product manufacturers and contract manufacturers of cosmetic, dermo-cosmetic, personal care, veterinarian and fragrance industries.

NATUROCHIM has selected foreign companies manufacturing interesting ingredients from standard to very innovative, included them in its portfolio and started to distribute them on the French market.

Later on, thanks to an experience of more than twenty years in Cosmetic ingredients, and also helped by an education in botany and plant physiology, the founder developed a line of plant raw materials with a specialist partner for the manufacturing side.

Since then, NATUROCHIM has designed its own line of ingredients, manufacturing them from vegetal or mineral materials, organic or natural according to the Cosmos standard. These materials are selected for their original properties, beneficial to the skin or imparting interesting sensory textures.

This line of ingredients is now distributed worldwide through distributors selected for their cosmetic expertise and their knowledge of local markets. Technical knowledge and reactivity are prerequisites that allow them to work synergistically with NATUROCHIM.

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Naturochim : manufacturer & distributor of cosmetic ingredients.