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This website is owned by the company NATUROCHIM, which has a board of directors, is registered in the trade and company register of EVRY (N° B 453 183 543), and has its headquarters at 2, route de la Noue 7 – 91 190 GIF SUR YVETTE

• Website content
The content of the website is composed by its general structure and the elements which make it up. They consist of texts, pictures which can be animated or not, sounds and multimedia elements. Any total or partial reproduction of this site and its content, whatever the process used, without previous and express authorisation from the company NATUROCHIM, is forbidden and would constitute counterfeiting punished by the articles L335-2 and followings of the Intellectual Property Code. The pictures and texts of the website are absolutely not contractual.

• Brands
The brands and logos of the company NATUROCHIM which appear on the website are registered brands and logos. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands and logos without previous and express authorisation from the company NATUROCHIM is forbidden.

• Hypertext links
The company NATUROCHIM does not bear liability for the hypertext links which are set up in the framework of this website towards any other resources which of the Internet network. You can set up an hypertext link between your website and the website by displaying our website in a new window. The website cannot be integrated in the external website navigation.

• IT law and freedom
The users of the website of the company NATUROCHIM must respect the conditions of the IT law, files and freedom, for which the infringement is liable to penal punishment. Notably, concerning all nominative information to which they have access, they must abstain from any collection, inappropriate use and, in a more general way, from any action which would be likely to undermine someone’s privacy or reputation. The offenders expose themselves to penal sanctions, in accordance with the conditions of the section V of the new penal code called “breach of people’s rights resulting from files or IT treatments” and of the chapter III entitled “From infringements to automated treatment system of data”.

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