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CREACHEM is a Belgian Company created in 2013 in order to distribute the INUTEC line of ingredients in the Cosmetics Industry for BENEO Orafti. These ingredients are made from chicory root extracts and are efficient as conditioning or opacifying agents. In addition, CREACHEM is the manufacturer of INUTEC SL1 a unique emulsion stabilizer that has proven to demonstrate excellent stabilization properties in a wide variety of cosmetic formulations.


Bent Tree Industries based in the USA and Germany engineered an all new Cosmetic Boron Nitride portfolio which is worldwide marketed under the trade name CARESS* BN.

The Products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and match the international requirements of the Personal Care Industry.

Bent Tree Industries is highly committed to customer needs, offers technical support and development assistance to formulators and will deliver excellent products at competitive prices.



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An expertise of cosmetic ingredients over 15 years old.